Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Winamp 5.32 - Great Entertainment Tool

Winamp is a entertainment software that developed by Nullsoft. For Mp3 lover, Winamp really can fit all your needs. With Winamp, you can manage all you mp3 in a playlist and this will make a lot more easer when you want to search or hear the mp3. Besides that, you also can watch video clips and movie with this software.

Winamp also came with variety of skins that will make your winamp interface more colourfull, unique and beautifull so you will not get boring using this software. On the left is a example of tons of Winamp skin available. If you want to download skin for Winamp...Just click>>>> HERE.

The latest version of Winamp is 5.32. If you like you can buy this software that will be upgrade to Winamp Pro and with this upgrade, you will get more functions with it. But if you like to have this software fo\r FREE....You can click>>>HERE. After you click you will go to winamp web site. So if you want Winamp for FREE!!! Just click Bundle ( like picture on the right ). And you will start download Winamp.

So.. Have Fun!!!

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