Monday, February 26, 2007

Friendster Blaster Pro - For Friendster Lover

Friend Blaster Pro is a special software aspecially for thos who like to make friend from friendster. The best thing about this software is, it will gather friend automatically for you from friendster.

What you need to do is just search friend that you want and Friend Blaster Pro will automatically save the friends id. So, later you can send message for requessing them to be your friend. But, it don't stop here.

By using this software, you also can send message,smile,testimonial etc to all you friend automatically. So, if you has 1000 friends you don't need to write message 1000 times when want to send message or testimonial. This software is really easy to use.. You must try it, i recommend. But for demo version or free version, you only can send 50 message per day.

For more detail and download this software, you can go here.. Friend Blaster Pro